Active Antibacterial Scrunchie

Active Antibacterial Scrunchie

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Chelsea King: A Canadian hair accessory brand known for their locally made, eco-conscious and fashion-forward scrunchies. They use the highest quality textiles and well thought designs and colours to create hair accessories we know you will love just as much as us!

Material: ChitoSante Environmentally friendly, anti bacterial Poly/Spandex

Features/Characteristics: Anti-bacterial, odour resistant, non-toxic, breathable, fast drying, moisture management and wicking

Care: Spot clean as needed or hand wash in cold to lukewarm water with gentle detergent

Size: Classic - The original size scrunchie, designed for a classic, timeless look. Ideal for thin to thick hair types. Best suited for buns, messy buns, topknots, ponytails and low ponytails.